About us

This beautiful Quinta is located at the foot of the Serra Peneda-Gerês Park, in the old and picturesque village of Albergaria de Sá, 12 kilometers from the center of Monção and 10 kilometers from the center of Melgaço.

In the middle of the 18th century, a man by the name of António Luís Marques lived in a house located at the bottom of Quinta de Albergaria de Sá registered under the name Eido de Santa Lúcia and on the edge of an old Roman path. It was in this house that the so-called money changer pursued his business and, judging by the traces that remain of the same, he should have been a person with a high standard of living for the time. The money changer often went to Spain on business and took his only son with him, also called António Luís Marques. On all these trips, our visitors stayed at a Quinta whose overseer had several daughters. Among them, Maria Antónia Nóvoas was distinguished, not only because she was always the one who attended the two Portuguese, but also for the affection and attention she devoted to them.

The main building of the Quinta, from the 19th century, has been restored with all the original features preserved, as well as several rustic outbuildings that have been appropriately converted into 6 apartments for the privacy and comfort of our guests.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the total number of adult guests?

Our accommodation accommodates 17 people on standard beds. For each additional guest over 16 (rate is shown), we charge a daily rate of € 15.

Who can use the extra beds and the total number of beds that can be occupied?

Our accommodation has a capacity for +6 children up to 12 years in extra beds. For each additional guest over 16 (rate is shown), we charge a daily rate of € 15.

Check-in and Check-out

Is it possible to check-out in the middle of the afternoon?

Unfortunately, we cannot be flexible with check-out. Our check-out time, particularly with the additional issues of cleaning spaces, has to be met, and it is 11 am. To leave at the end of the afternoon, we would have to charge an additional night as it would be impossible to lend the space the next night.

Use of Swimming Pool and Common Spaces

How does the use of the pool work?

The use of the pool and the surrounding area is shared with the other guests of Quinta de Santo António, as are the sunbeds and the umbrellas.

Is the pool private or shared with other guests?

We are a rural tourism house, and the pool is shared. 


Does our stay have breakfast included?

No, breakfast is not included.


1) Smoking is allowed in open spaces. We ask that you do not smoke inside the apartment.

2) Neighbors enjoy peace as much as our guests. Please reduce noise to a maximum between 10 pm and 8 am.

3) Please do not leave the lights on, heaters, or the air conditioner on while you are not at home or when it is not necessary. We and the environment, thank you.

4) Accidents happen, but please try to avoid them. If you can't, and something happens to the apartment or any of its decorative elements, make sure I'm the first to know so that I can find a solution right away.

5) Respect the agreed check-in and check-out times in advance. If you need to arrive earlier or leave later, please inform us as much in advance.

6) BONUSES! Enjoy the apartment, and have a great stay! If you need any tourist information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.